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My Scary Halloween Story

This is a story that took place on our eight-grade fieldtrip last year. We were going on a night hike. I forget me flashlight. The ground was rugged like rough glass. Several times I almost tripped. The moon cast eerie shadows on the ground. I could hear the trees creaking as they swayed in the wind. I could see dark shadows moving in the forest. I thought a zombie would come out with an ax and chop me into pieces. A deer bolted out of nowhere, scaring the living hell out of me. I could see bats flying in circles above. They were mosquitoes trying to eat me alive. I began to run I tripped over a log. My nose was bloody. I got back up and kept walking. I finally reached the camp. My face was caked in dried blood. My knee was skinned, me hair was a jungle, and my shirt was ripped. I was a mess. After I cleaned myself up the best I could I hobbled back to my campsite. When I got back to the campsite my friends were laughing at me.

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