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Other Projects

Besides building water rockets, I have also worked on someother projects. A few years ago I saw some plans for a home-made hover craft in the back of a Boys Life magazine. I decided to order the plans. My dad and I built a hovercraft from the plans, and replaced the vacum cleaner engene in the plans, with a leave blower. We wanted to use a leaf blower because you did not have to reley on a power cord. Also a leave blower engene is probably more powerful than a leafe blower. We made a shround that went around the perimiter of the hovercarft out of green nylon. This was used to keep the air under the hovercraft, alowing it to hover.

My dad always has liked to work on projects with me. When I was little we built a downhill racer. We have also worked on other projects such as building a hover craft, and model of a medival castle, also with the help of my friend Christopher, and even a model of a volcanoe that shoots up real ash. When I talked about my projects that I have done with my dad, my friends at school say they wish they had a dad like mine. If you are a dad, and you want to do something with your son, or daughter, then work on a project with them. They will have fun and you will have fun too. Click on picture below to enlarge.

Medival Castle
This is a model of a concentric castle built in England near 1400 A.D.