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Welcome to my site!

Warning! Water rockets can be very dangerous. They are known to sometimes explode on the launch pad! We do not claim that anything on this website works or is safe to build. If you decided to build something that you saw on this site we do not take responsibility for what happens to you if you get hurt.

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Spaceship One Wins $10 million Ansari X-Prize. Click here to go to my aticles about the historic flights made by Spacehip One on June, 21, September 29. 2004 and October 4, 2004.

This web site is all about water rockets. Some people refer to these as bottle rockets or bottle water rockets. Besides water rockets you will also find information on backsliders, or back-gliders. Plus I have included many pictures and videos for you to look at. I hope that you enjoy this site. For more information on what you will find on these page read the paragraph below, or explore the site by clicking on the links on the left colum of this page.

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Cool Water Rocket Home Page

I made this web site because I want to share my experience building water rockets and my love for the hobby. On this site you will find an intoduction to water rockets, a water rocket page, a page on FTC rockets and T nozzle, a water rocket discussion page, a water rocket thoery page, an exploration of space page, an x-prize page, an about me page, a shout out to my friends page, and a water rocket guestbook. Have fun and enjoy looking at my site. If you want to send me feedback click on the Contact Me link on the left hand side of this page. You can also sign my gestbook. Just click on the link on the left hand side of the page.To navigate this site use the links on the left hand colum of this page. Thank you for visiting my site.

My Dad and I

It all got started when one day I told me dad I wanted to build a water rocket. He said, "If you can figure out how to do it, then we will build a water rocket". I got on the Internet and typed in water rockets into Google. A bunch of sites appeared. Since then we have built many rockets together. I think I build water rockets because it is fun and also because I enjoy doing something with my dad. I think that I am very lucky to have a father like my dad who is willing to spend time with his son, doing something that they both enjoy. There are things that my dad can teach me, and things I can teach my dad. This experience building water rockets with my dad is a time in my life that I will always remember. I think it is very important that parents spend time doing things with their kids, because they and you might only have this opportunity once.

My Interest and Hobbies

My interest and hobbies include building water rockets with my dad, going on trips with my venturing crew, hiking and backpacking, hanging out with my friends, watchig movies, and reading, making movies, and having fun.

My water rockets

I started building water rockets when I was working on my 8th grade project. I got the idea to build water rockets from a link on the X-Prize web site. On their site they had a link to the eggs prize. The egg prize was a prize awarded to anybody who could launch a water rocket to an altitude of 30ft. with out breaking the egg. I decided launching an egg, as a payload would be too hard, so I built a plain old water rocket. Since then I have built bigger and better water rockets. I have even come up with a reliable recovery system! To find out more about my water rockets check out my water rocket page.

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my website.

10/1/04 Added Red Hawk video part 1 and 2, to movies/galleries

My dad and I with space shuttle rocket
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Space Shuttle Launch
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Night Launch
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Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site. Send feedback!get this gear!