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My First Rockets

Black Knight

FTC Rockets and T-nozzle


In this section I will try to document all the rockets that I build. Since there are a lot of photos on this section of my web site, I decided to separate it into multiple pages. This will allow the pages to load faster.

Here is a picture of my first water rocket. It wasn't a great rocket but you have to start somewhere. As you can see in the picture the fins are made out of cardboard. We used duct tape to tape the fins to the rocket body. The rocket body is made from a 710ml soda bottle. The nose-cone is the top of another soda bottle. The first time we launched it, it went about 150 feet. Then I had the idea to add balast. So my friend Cameron and I found some rocks and put them inside the nose-cone. This made the rocket go higher.

My first rocket
Click on picture to enlarge

This is the same rocket as in the picture above except this rocket has smaller fins. Although the rocket had smaller fins the performance was about the same. Also the fins in this picture are made out of plastic, instead of cardboard. This was an improvement because the fins didn't get soaked.

My first rocket with fins
Click here to enlarge

This is my first successful multi-bottle rocket. It is made out of two smart one water bottles. The first time we tried to do this we used duct tape to hold the bottles together. This didn't work to well and the bottles blow apart. The second time we used PL Premium (PL) for short. This time they held toghether perfectly. Adding an extra bottle really improved the height of the rocket. I think you can buy PL at any hardware store. (We bought ours at HomeDepot).

My first multi bottle rocket
Click on picture to enlarge