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Here are some great links to water rocket sites. These links are not organized in any particular order. They are organized mostly in the order that I found them. I hope that these links are as usefull to you as they were for me. Check them out.

water PET bottle reuse : water rockets water PET bottle

Robert Youens Water Rocket Page

Water Rocket Garage

The Leeds Water Rocket Page

Bristol Water Rockets

Water Rocket Index

Water Rocket - Clifford Heath

Clifford Heath - Water Rocket Links

Water Rocket Pages from U. Hornstein

NPL: Water Rocket Challenge

2004 NPL "rockets"

Experimental Water Rockets

Water Rocket Experiment Ideas

Water Rocket Annex

Water Rockets

Nick's Water Rocket Page

Water Rocket Simulation

High Pressure Water Rockets

Water Rocket Playground

The Water Rocket Book

Instructions to Build a Water Rocket

Anti-gravity Water Rocket Kits

Water Rocket - Google Search